Saturday, 25 February 2012

Alex's take on Long Lankin

I took the candle shakily from the rusted holder on the wall.

The shadows ominously danced across the wall in time with my footsteps.
My child’s shrill scream pierced the thick, heavy silence. Another scream I heard. And another. I quickened my pace and my heart rate. The now continuous screaming became crying, then soft moaning. Then the sound stopped. Stepping out into the light, I screamed.
I rushed for a bundle of rags, ripped and bloodstained.
My child rolled out as a scream froze in my mouth.
And then I saw the shadow.
The shadow of a man.
The shadow of a man with a knife.
The shadow of the nurse with a bucket.
The nurse with the blood of my child.
The traitor.


There was blood all in the kitchen.
There was blood all in the hall.
There was blood all in the parlour.
Where we did fall.

Alex, Bay House School, Gosport.

1 comment:

  1. I love the way you've used repetition in this to build the tension and the quotation from the ballad is brilliant! Well done!