Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rebecca Sellers

Lady Weary boldly slammed the bedroom door, Long Lankin waits for lady weary to appear and the lady nurse snatches the baby out of the cradle along with Long Lankin. The baby screams in fear and shock. Lady Weary trying to bear her baby’s screams while the pin sharply brushed into his stomach.

Lady weary couldn’t bear it any longer she rapidly slammed the door open and rushed down the stairs. The lights were switched off. All she could see was plain darkness when suddenly a cold breeze made her shake as Long Lankin shoved a large sharp knife into her and her baby.

Sir Weary came riding by on his shiny black horse as he seen a beautiful woman lying down. When he noticed that it was his wife he was devastated. He tracked down Long Lankin and hanged him with a large rope. Long Lankin was never seen again.


  1. I felt so sorry for Lord Weary! What a horrible discovery.

  2. A gruesome story - but I think Long Lankin is a rather cool name for villain!

  3. A bit more care with with the proof-reading perhaps, but I found this rather creepy when I suddenly realised that Long Lankin was probably very small.

  4. Creepy and dark piece of writing, Rebecca. Great use of wow-words to create the mood. Nice one!