Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ralim Simpson

As I came face to face with the foul creature I finally saw what my husband negotiated with.

The foul eyes that glared upon me whilst I stepped into my child`s room, his skin disgusted me with its bumps and lumps.

His breath, the breath of 400 years of no brushing and foul food, hands of crinkly crippled skin with a green, yellow colour that could never be reversed, yes... this is the disgust I endured.


  1. "Hands of crinkly, crippled skin..." brilliant!

  2. Great stuff, Ralim. I'm genuinely creeped out!

    Chae Strathie

    Children's author

  3. Some great descriptions here! I loved "the breath of 400 years of no brushing" - YUK!

  4. "yes... this is the disgust I endured."
    You really get across her distaste in this, it's very powerful.

  5. Yes! Crinkly Crippled skin - nice! A good sense of revulsion oozing through all of this.

  6. I love "hands of crinkly crippled skin"! Urgh! Great sense of revulsion. Be careful not to use the same word over and over, even if it is a good one(foul).