Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lewis and Jason

His muscles were bursting out of his skin as well as his veins pumping blood as the moment gets tense.

His clothes are battered and dusty as beads of sweat drip from his head as his pricks the baby`s skin. The baby screams as the fake nurse calls the mother of the child.

The mother shakes... holding an old candle screaming as Long Lankin catches her killing her with a flick of a wrist.

They caught the blood of the baby in a basin as it drips and the skin tears and a big chunk fell and splattered in the basin.

Long Lankin walks with an old dirty coat, staggering forward as he feels a tight grasp on his shoulder and was finally hung. The frame was bolted tight as they knocked the stool from beneath... the breath of air was lost.


  1. The last paragraph was great, the breath of air was lost! Brilliant!

  2. Wow! Watch out Jon - y9ou have serious competition! Well done, lads - excellent writing.

    Chae Strathie

    Children's author

  3. I like all the descriptions of him, battered and dusty.

  4. A nice series of moments there - some good atmosphere to all of them.