Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Catlin Owens

As I reached the first step of the stairs my heart stopped and left me with an obstruct taste in my throat.

I lifted my foot to each step, and with each step my head spun. I grabbed for the banister but collapsed, my concentration was extremely high.

I could hear someone calling my name, my baby was in pain, every sound could be heard and my breathing echoed through the hallway as I came face to face with what I thought to be a killer, my throat suddenly became very dry.

I could not scream for help and my whole body become paralysed. His beady eye was all black like steam, all of his body was shrivelled and weak, but I became unsure when his hand reached for mine, the temperature dropped every time I looked into his eyes.


  1. Wow catlin, you really engage the senses in this one and very creepy it is too! You've certainly been on a 'was' hunt!

  2. "The temperature dropped every time I looked into his eyes"! - Vatlin, that was brilliant!

  3. Fantastic! Really sinister writing!