Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Childwall School

Apologies to the good children of Childwall for the lateness of these posts. Here they are now and there's some great writing. Everyone had a go, well done! Our work was based on the ballad of Long Lankin, a very gory and very creepy story! I had a great time at Childwall, hope to see you all again!

Rebecca Sellers

Lady Weary boldly slammed the bedroom door, Long Lankin waits for lady weary to appear and the lady nurse snatches the baby out of the cradle along with Long Lankin. The baby screams in fear and shock. Lady Weary trying to bear her baby’s screams while the pin sharply brushed into his stomach.

Lady weary couldn’t bear it any longer she rapidly slammed the door open and rushed down the stairs. The lights were switched off. All she could see was plain darkness when suddenly a cold breeze made her shake as Long Lankin shoved a large sharp knife into her and her baby.

Sir Weary came riding by on his shiny black horse as he seen a beautiful woman lying down. When he noticed that it was his wife he was devastated. He tracked down Long Lankin and hanged him with a large rope. Long Lankin was never seen again.

Ralim Simpson

As I came face to face with the foul creature I finally saw what my husband negotiated with.

The foul eyes that glared upon me whilst I stepped into my child`s room, his skin disgusted me with its bumps and lumps.

His breath, the breath of 400 years of no brushing and foul food, hands of crinkly crippled skin with a green, yellow colour that could never be reversed, yes... this is the disgust I endured.

Pupil 1

Long Lankin looked like he was going to transform into a creepy ghoul with red blood shot eyes, a green face and a hooded cloak that you could only see his face at the moment of his death.

His skin had holes all over it so you could see through his skin. Long Lankin crept up to the tower... his hearing was so great he could hear her panicking. He walked up the stairs silently but for the slight creaking of the old stairs. Finally when he reached the top, the door was locked, so he decided to go downstairs and kill the baby.

Olivia Harper

Lady Weary crept down the stairs with the candle shaking and the noise of her baby screaming. When she turns into the next room she saw blood all over the floor in the kitchen. She went through to the parlour and she saw her baby`s blood on the floor and on the table. Then she saw her baby dead and Long Lankin standing with the pins. Then he killed Lady Weary.

Mohamed Ishamail

Long Lankin was a very dangerous man. This book was set in Victorian London. Long Lankin killed vary many people. He killed babies and women. One night he crept into the castle and the nurse was looking after the baby. Long Lankin stole the baby and started to poke pins at it and then the baby started screaming. Lankin poured all the blood out of there and then because in the old days blood out of a normal persons body could give you a disease then long Lankin lost his fingers, hands and nose and his face went blue.

Liam Morris and Josh Drever

I was sitting on the couch and I heard a scream. So I grabbed a knife and opened the door slowly when I seen Long Lankin holding my daughter over a bowl while the nurse was slicing her neck and letting the blood run into the bowl maybe so he could breath in the blood to get rid of his disease.

Lewis and Jason

His muscles were bursting out of his skin as well as his veins pumping blood as the moment gets tense.

His clothes are battered and dusty as beads of sweat drip from his head as his pricks the baby`s skin. The baby screams as the fake nurse calls the mother of the child.

The mother shakes... holding an old candle screaming as Long Lankin catches her killing her with a flick of a wrist.

They caught the blood of the baby in a basin as it drips and the skin tears and a big chunk fell and splattered in the basin.

Long Lankin walks with an old dirty coat, staggering forward as he feels a tight grasp on his shoulder and was finally hung. The frame was bolted tight as they knocked the stool from beneath... the breath of air was lost.

Joe and Connor

Suddenly I heard a noise down stairs. My baby started to cry. So carefully I made my way downstairs. When I got to the top of the stairs there was strange man looking at me in the eye. His skin was green and dirty with black spots all over his face.

James Holmes

As Lankin pricked the small defenceless baby while it screamed tears of agony, the maiden became restless. As she came down she heard the sound of scraping against metal as long Lanking drawn the sharply curved dagger, she screamed as loud as a fog horn and with three steps at a time rushed down the stone marble steps.

Their feet were being poisoned by the icy cold steps she couldn’t see at all in the unlit kitchen and all she could hear was the agony of her baby. Where she could almost touch the baby the blade pierced her garment and ripped through her agonised heart. She tasted her ruby red blood and fell to the rock hard floor. The smell of burnt out candles and the smell of the empty unlit fire place filled the room with the slight hint of the maiden’s perfume.

The next day, the rain pattered hard against the humongous windows of the very room the fair maiden was murdered. Unknown to the husband Lanking was still around...

Now the bodies of the husband and wife were rotten and reddish in a ditch outside the evil castle...muddy as mud...bloody as blood.

Charlotte Kip

Lady Weary came down the stairs because the baby was crying. When she was at the bottom it was pitch black and Long lankin was ready to get her and he killed the baby and her.

Catlin Owens

As I reached the first step of the stairs my heart stopped and left me with an obstruct taste in my throat.

I lifted my foot to each step, and with each step my head spun. I grabbed for the banister but collapsed, my concentration was extremely high.

I could hear someone calling my name, my baby was in pain, every sound could be heard and my breathing echoed through the hallway as I came face to face with what I thought to be a killer, my throat suddenly became very dry.

I could not scream for help and my whole body become paralysed. His beady eye was all black like steam, all of his body was shrivelled and weak, but I became unsure when his hand reached for mine, the temperature dropped every time I looked into his eyes.

C.M, H.T and L.R

As the woman walks down the creepy ridged stair case she hears her baby screaming.

The candle shaking, she hears squeaky footsteps on the shaking floorboards. The floorboards shake as the dimming light on the lit candle was soon fading out, as she walks down to the next floor. Crack, creak, crack, and creak. She feels a cold, damp blow.

It all ends, its over. The creeping man says...

Ali Mohammed

I shivered as I crept down the winding staircase as the candle moved side to side as my eyes grown big and my heart started pounding faster and faster. I saw a red reflection and suddenly paused.

I turned to my right, and as I did in front of me Long Lankin was standing crookedly with my baby in his hand. The baby looked like a red statue covered in blood. I looked up at lankin and gulped, he had a big wart on his nose and a nail in his eye. I was in shock and could not even cry.

Ali Mohammed

Adam Hand, Joe Edmundson, Phiddel Oriesan

Stood before me was a shrivelled up man. He wore a cloak and a mask, the mask only covered half of his face. On his neck lay burn marks. He was dressed in all black and his cloak had rips in and appeared to be burned on the end. He had a distinctive look on his face, a look that says, do not get on the wrong side of me or there will be a price to pay. His gums were as black as the night sky.

His teeth appeared to have a blanket of plaque on.

His name was Long Lankin.

Adam Hand, Joe Edmundson, Phiddel Oriesan