Monday, 18 October 2010


Walking through the streets at night it was strangely quiet. The scratch of something in the sewers the paranoia was setting in. the street lights flickered the screaming of the cats nearby. Going through the alleys was quicker getting home the sound of footsteps startled me as I emerged from the first alley and into the bright light. I scuttled across the road into the next alley it was longer than the last but I was nearly home now, as I raced to the end of the alley .A shadow. I peered around the corner there was a sense of nothingness inside I felt weak. I kept running I heard footsteps. As I ran faster the footsteps got louder and louder, home at last. I opened the door. The burning light beamed in and cut through the darkness I stepped in I shut the door, it slammed. I walked up stairs to my bedroom I went to close my curtains but I saw something it was a man with a bloody knife. I shut my curtains and turned around .he was there. Sitting in the corner of my room it walked over to me. I looked at the door .it opened. mum walked in I looked back where this thing was it was gone!

By Matthew Lee J


Walking down the street all alone. So lonely. No friends. No family. How did this happen? Why did this happen? What did I do?

I carried on walking down this familiar road, but yet it seemed different. The tarmac, the houses. Suddenly, darkness filled my mind and I was lost. Lost in this street. This world. I ran. I ran from the thing that was there, always there. The thing. The creature. Something was watching me. Always watching. From a tree, a bush, a window.

Those eyes. Those eyes that burn through the back of my head…

Jonathan Allen Holt


The door slammed shut!

Who was it, where was it, all these questions, hallucinations what’s happening! Footsteps creaking down the stairs, cobwebs hanging from huge dusty chandeliers, shadows on the walls… Was it a monster, a spirit why me, what have I done to harm anyone!

My heart pounding faster than ever before, thinking to myself – ill be home soon nothing to worry about, I mean I cant see anyone, I cant hear anyone, must just be me! But why am I hearing things, there’s nothing wrong with me, well I don’t think.

Why follow me?!

By Ashleigh Southall

Bulging Bloodshot Eyes!

I turned fast scoping the dark, misty streets. I spun back sensing foot steps or tiptoes creeping towards me. Slowly I moved my head around. There was something following! I saw its bulging, blood shot eyes appear out of the shadows. It stepped out and limped into the light.

By James Smith 8YK

Dancing Leaves...

Ebony made the decision to walk the short way home. As she stepped into the woods, they seemed to expand in front of her. The sky was in pitch black darkness and the air felt heavy. The leaves beneath her feet crunched as she walked and she had a sense of obscurity. There was a cool breeze and Ebony’s dark, thick hair blew softly into her face. Without warning, a strong gust of wind came from nowhere. She quickly turned around. Nothing. Ebony’s pace of walking sped up. Snap. She again turned around. The leaves were dancing around in circles. It was almost like something or somebody else was present.

By Eve Kemp, 8SR.

Don't look back!

As the moon came into view I became sure that I needed to make my way home but as I was walking down the cobbles of the pavement I felt a sharp something hit me in the back of my head. Something made me feel like I wasn’t alone, there was, all of a sudden, an eerie silence that sent a shiver up my spine. As I turned back around there in front of me was a trail of letters some saying ‘im behind you’ some saying ‘im watching your back don’t worry’ I ran home as I was scared…

By kayleigh merchant-stewart 8s

High-pitched Screams!

A sigh of relief was given as Jon approached the church. It was pitch black and there was no sign of life. He heard the wind whistling and the leaves rustling as he got closer to the church. He felt as if someone was following him. A high pitched scream echoed throughout the grave yard and rang in his ears. Something was perched on top of one of the gravestones. Suddenly it swooped down and knocked him off his feet.

He was awoken by the church bells. It was light. Morning. The start of a new day. Everything seemed so much happier when the world was awake.

Sophie Knapman 8yk

Lurking in the shadows!

As I was walking home from football around 6 o’clock, the sun had set and I was alone. Walking through the streets of Ellesmere Port, where big offices and tall houses blocked most view of the dark sky and bright moonlight. The street lights flickered as I scurried home in the dark of the night, revealing a misshaped, non-human shadow. I caught a quick, terrifying glimpse of a strange figure, all I saw that night was long greasy hair and clawing hands. Hurrying along I heard a loud screech

that pierced my eardrums, something was out there, I heard it…

By Tyler Thorpe 8s

Jasper gets a hand!

A gasp of relief was given as Jasper got to the church of the old abandoned Graveyard. Something from inside the church spoke,

“Get Out. Leave.” Jasper whimpered.

Jasper realised his shoelace was untied. As he leant down to tie it a hard force knocked him to the ground. Stumbling to get back up, something wet, sticky and repulsive looking came up from the ground. According to Jaspers eye-sight, it looked like an old rotten hand. Squirming to get away the hand pulled him down. There was a loud shriek, and another, and another. Silence. The church bells chimed twice.

Becky Bailey

Molly's Monster!

Darkness surrounded the forest. As I walked through them alone a feeling of terror came over me. Something was there. Staring through the spaces in between the trees, with piercing eyes. I tried to scream but not a sound would come out. I stood, frozen, unable to move. The wind began to rage around my body and the branches scratched my bare arms. The trees swayed fiercely together blocking any escape.

I wanted to run but I couldn’t. I was trapped here in this terrifying place alone. There was nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide. There was nothing…

Molly Roberts

A Spooky Street!

Tom stumbled down the cobbled road, tripping on the un-even surface, having to squint his eyes to make out the blurred outlines of streetlights. His heart pounded. It was late and the roads were empty. Cawing crows echoed through the abandoned street. The streetlights flickered. In the corner of Tom’s eye a dark shadow glided through the thick night fog. Snap. A distant sound made toms heart skip a beat. Tom froze. He laughed nervously and told himself that nothing was there, yet still his heart pounded so fast it felt like it would burst out of his chest.

Charlie Harris


It was dark. I was cold and alone. So I decided to take a short cut. As I trekked along I noticed a blinding light in the corner of my eye. It was bright, brighter than the sun. I turned my head and it disappeared. As I walked on I started to hear soft pattering, somebody was behind me. I walked faster but the pattering became louder and quicker. I began to run and the pattering stopped. I stopped. I felt a cold and boney hand upon my shoulder and warm breath on my neck .I fell to the floor…

By Aimee Cropper and Chloe Dorrington.


David slowly approached the counter. He took a deep breath and looked over. There was the motionless body of the shopkeeper in a pool of blood. The lights went out. He held his breath. His heart was in his mouth. There was absolute darkness in the supermarket. David couldn’t see a thing. He slowly crawled in the direction of the door. He hit his head on a leg. The lights came on. He saw a man with a bloody knife and a disturbed look on his face. David froze. He wanted to run and scream but he was paralyzed.

Sam Nicolson

Old Redeyes is Back!!!

Jeremy dawdled through the woods. A sliver of light broke through the trees. He heard a crunch and stopped. Was something following him? He spun round and saw a figure dart in to the trees. He carried on walking further into the woods; ever cautiously he looked behind him every few steps. Jeremy caught a glimpse of one bloodshot eye and began to sprint. But he was to slow…

Harry Lee and Jacob Robinson

Never Take a Shortcut!!!

The Shortcut home
It had been a long day at school; finally it was time to go home! The Sky turned black as I ambled home so I took the shortcut through then woods. The rain kept falling so I kept walking through the damp gloomy wood. Something flashed. I turned. But the wood remained lifeless. The flash came again. This time it stayed. The light was blinding. A silhouette stood before me. As it approached, I saw its discoloured teeth grinding together. It starts to build up speed, faster, faster. Lunging towards me, it grabbed my ankle. I fell…

Katie Buswell and Morgan Basnett

Tom's Midnight Appointment... with Fear!

Twelve o’clock midnight. A cliché, thought Charlie. Comedy was the only thing keeping him from utter fear as the distant soar of what had been following him grew louder and louder. A sharp jolt of wind sent shivers up his spine as He came across the faint outline of an old abandoned theme park, “my only escape” thought Charlie. He dashed towards the amusement centre, thinking that it had lost all amusement now. He entered what looked like a giant mouth, it felt like it was consuming him. “Strange”, pondered Charlie, the doors looked like they had been forced, but by what?

Tom Owens

Startled cats!!!

He dropped the shopping at the front door and a flicker from the curtain in the window dilated his pupils like a startled cat. Something brushed his arm and crunched the stone driveway, but. Whatever it was. It felt absent from his known senses.

Poppy Murphy

Lauren's spooky woods!

Dave checked his watch 8.30pm, he was supposed be back before 9 although the walk home would take over 40 minutes. If he took a detour through the woods it would cut the walk by over 15 minutes might as well go for it then, he thought .The woods were almost in total darkness, a cool breeze chilled the night. Dave picked up his pace and started a slow jog. Behind him, a twig snapped which wasn’t anywhere near Dave’s path……..........

Lauren Jones