Thursday, 20 May 2010

Elise's Nightmare!

It became silent........ I had slipped, and now I found myself holding on for my life.

My hands were slipping. Sweat, poured off my whole body. Everybody became really scared. I was hanging on by a thread. My friends started calling to me. But I didn’t hear a word they said. To me it was just a murmur. I found myself so far away from them. My thoughts started spinning around my head. I bit my lip. I couldn’t think straight! Then I let go........! I fell down and down trying to cling on to anything I could, but I just kept falling. Is this going to be the end of me?

It was like a nightmare, but it all seemed so real!!

By Elise Johnson

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shelby's Hideous Monster

Have you ever seen something that you would have never expected to see, something you didn’t even think could exist except in you’re nightmares? Well I did and that’s when my life took a turn to something far more sinister then you or I could of ever imagined…..

My name is Jo. I’m thirteen year old girl, hiding from something not even an army could take down .My life never used to be like this though. I had a normal life with a family that loved me but that’s all gone now. Ever since that dreadful day last year in September. The day itself was like any other day in my life; boring .I was nearly at wits end but one thing kept me going through the bitterly cold dark autumn days. That one thing might seem boring to you, to me it was all I could think about. My favourite author had just published a new book. So when the book came to our local book shop (the burns) I could not contain my excitement. All week I did horrible chores like mucking out our pigs and hens, cleaning the toilet and tidying our garden to earn money .After a lot of backbreaking labour I had my money . The next mourning I shot out of bed and franticly put on my clothes and ran out of our house into a massive snow covered world that I didn’t really fit in to. For about ten minutes I wandered aimlessly thinking about my new book .I took a short cut down an ally way. That’s when I saw it, the, thing. In its material form it was …eeeerrrr….well disgusting .that’s the only way to describe it .It had a putrid yellow puss coloured skin, or at least I hope it was skin with a fiery red, murderous eyes and long pointed teeth protruding out of its stomach turning mouth, both mouth and fangs were dripping blood from the corpse of the elderly lady it was enjoying. It seemed to take a while for it to notice me but in the end it did, by the look in its eyes it seemed that my young flesh was now on the menu. I turned to run but he had already decided that I wasn’t going to get away . I tried to scream but the only sound I could make was a low stutter, at some point while I was running I must of fell because it was on me in less than a second, and at that very moment my fate was sealed …………

Shelby Huggins

Phoebe Pursued...

The gloomy forest was closing in on me as I stumbled towads the sliver of light that was peeping teasingly through the trees. I had to choke back a scream when a twig snapped under my foot and my knees gave way in terror. ''Where are you matthew?'' I managed to mumble desperatley. I hadn't meant to scare him but I guess now I was paying the price. When I gathered up the strength to lift my head, I found I was being watched from the undergrowth by a pair of narrowed eyes. Red narrowed eyes. Gleaming red narrowed eyes. Without thinking I leapt up and started running for my life. But I could hear the heavy footsteps behind me getting closer and closer and closer, and then.......

By Phoebe Watkinson U3G

Last Scream by Georgina

Louise walked home. She heard laughter. She turned the noise was coming from an old gloomy house. Stories have been told about this house. They say when you enter the building; the first sound you hear are screams and that it has a scary past. Louise heard the same chuckle again. The noise repeated and got louder and louder. Louise decided to go and see what was happening. She said to herself “Those stories are lies, I’m not scared”. As she entered the door squeaked, she heard scratches and scrapes. She saw massive scratches on the walls. She began to walk around and before she could scream, she could feel a cold shiver down her neck .A cold, hairy, large hand covered her mouth. Louise got goose bumps and her hands became hot and sticky. She turned; nothing was as ugly and scary as this creature. The creature pulled out a claw. Louise’s heart was racing round and pounded so fast, it felt as if it would come out her chest. Thoughts of regretting ever going in the house were racing round and round her head .She screamed, but no one could hear her. Louise could feel a huge knot in her stomach. Scratching could be heard. The sharp noise filled her ears. She gulped and felt the, sharp, claw cover her back. It started to dig into her skin. Blood slowly started to trickle down her back. She screamed, that was the last scream ever heard.

By Georgina Lee

Tallulah-Mae hears something...

She lay in bed all alone, she heard an owl hooting in the trees. Suddenly she heard an eerie noise coming from downstairs. The stairs were creaking as there were footsteps on the landing . she could here a strange scratching noise coming from outside the window. The wind howled and the rain pounded down.Then the door knob turned as the door creaked and slowly opened.

Tallulah-Mae Hayes

Georgina's CATastrophe!

PHUMP!!! Sweat trickled down my back, and my knees knocked together. My hands trembled, and my eyes were frozen. I gripped on to the railing that was next to me, cuddled it and stood there quietly. PHUMP, CRASH, BANG. I shook even more, as the ground shacked. I jumped up on to my feet, a big, old, brown door slowly opened behind me. My face turned red, Goosebumps appeared on my on my arms, hair sprung up, as if I had been executed. I stared sharply in to the dark, pitch black room, the moon shone on the room. I saw a slow movement shadow on the wrecked walls. I froze, and held my breath, my throat went dry. CHRASH, I slowly took one step forward. The sweat that trickled down my back reached my feet, the shadow got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. I shook even more. I heard growling, as my eyes flicked. PUUUURRR PUUUUUR, I jumped and fell onto the floor

Georgina Ashcroft

Melissa Hiding in the Cupboard

strolled through the front door, humming to myself, as a walked upstairs i heard a crash in my room. I started to run, in my head all i could think about was what is it?, is it all burglar, is it just my sister?, or is it just me?. I as a walk through the door to find my duvet covered in blood, it all dipping onto my beautiful white floor, creating a red puddle on the floor. The window is wide open and all my curtains ripped. A gush of wind gushed through my long dark hair and touched my dried skin on the back of my neck. I turn around as my old cupboard door swung shut, my heart starts beating really fast.I took a step forward, my hand shaking, i reached out to open the cupboard door i open it to find my little sister. She shaking too, her eyes closed, she looked terrified. Her little eyes opened, her brown eyes stared up to me, “what’s happened here, jess?” she was shaking, she started to cry. Her tears dripping onto her pale neck. “it’s alright we will be ok, do you know where mum and dad are?” . Her red cheeks suddenly look like a ghosts sitting upon her little face. “they did not pick me up from school so i got scared and ran home, and when i arrived here no one was here either, when i was walking up the stairs, i heard a huge crash so i came in here. But when i was hiding in the cupboard i could see through the crack a big, dark, black thing .”

Melissa Waterfield

Jess Goes Straight for the Jugular!

I walking was down my road. It was very quiet too quiet to believe. I stopped. I looked behind me. I could feel something or somebody following me. The cool breeze of wind hit me. My heart was pounding its noise filled my head. I was feeling dizzy; I turned around and saw it. It moved to quick, it came straight at me. I froze in shock. My neck was burning with pain. My heart was beating quicker and quicker. My hands were trembling. Sweat was dripping from my forehead. I dropped to the floor, my eyes were closing. This was the end I thought...

I woke up lying on the side path. My head still hurt. My eyes were burning. I could not remember anything. I slowly stood up. I am too weak. I was about to faint. Somebody caught me. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. I looked up, a dark haired man, rather good looking, staring into my eyes. Then it suddenly rushed to me. The hunger, the anger, the tiredness and the pain. I grabbed myself from his arms. Straight for his neck I thought.

Jessica Gilbert

Hebe meets... Something!

She began shaking all over, something dribbled down her leg. Then suddenly the door opened and there was nothing there. Something wet and drippy on the floor it kept expanding. Smash, crash, bang. She hid under her bed covers and screamed. Just, then something scratched at the window then at the door. My heart skipped a beat. The cupboard flew open and then the floor board lifted (dun dun.)

Hebe Hemming

Ester... Trapped!

A criminal looking man wearing a mask open the car door. I stare deeply inside the car. I found out that it’s full of vicious weapons, Henchman or maybe victims tied in ropes and a life-size sack. The man slam the door close. My atmosphere change... this vision clouded my mind, dark shadows lurking in still air, along with a faint smell of death hanging in the chilling darkness of the night. Whispers of long-dead children echoed with the sound of footsteps that are coming from nowhere, maybe I’ll end up in the same position before the sun rises up again. I close the curtain and switch off the lights. A heart-raising crash came from the back garden. I sealed my eyes. More sweat trickles down from all over my body. The sound of broken glass came from under. I thought of what is probably going to happen in the near minutes, perhaps a criminal or serial killer, sneak through our house and break in my bedroom door. I grabbed my phone. I glance through the mirror. I found myself very pale and my whole body is literally shaking. A pulse-pounding step came from the stairs. I trial to dial 999 however I can’t feel any part of my fingers. The doorknob twist...

By: Ester Yambao

Jessica and the Lane of Never Return

Jane was riding her bike, the weather was not nice at all, and it was thundering and lightning. Riding her bike was the only way back from school today, the buses were not moving even a mechanic couldn’t fix them , everyone was wondering what happened. Jane was riding her bike down the dark alley that leads to the road of her house, screaming alley. Some people call it ‘the lane of never return’. Jane heard a piercing scream she suddenly looked round she saw nothing but the echo rattled down the alley. Jane heard another scream, she looked round, nothing there apart from patches of mysterious fog. She heard another scream she looked round eagerly wanting to find out what was making the terrible noise, she carried on peddling, now faster . Jane heard a whisper chanting ‘ Jane, Jane , i’m coming, Jane ,Jane ,I’m behind you’ Now sweat dripping from head to toe .she heard deep breathing behind her, she looked round, there all in black with a tall top hat and a knife was a man. Jane in a dark alley all alone but with a man with a knife scared to death what will happen next.

By Jessica Leyland

Catherine's Writing Nightmare!

My hands trembled as my pen scribbled across the neat paper, like it was in a world of its own, as I stared at the scruffy writing, with a spellingh mistake in nearly every word, my pen was writing and writing , sweat was trickling down my forehead onto the wet ink. The ink smudged into word to word. The clock was ticking inside my mind, I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry. Then my eyes went blurry and a tear dripped onto the paper. My mind was filled with terrible thoughts, what would my Mum say, I would probably get a year’s detention.

By Catherine Holmes

Heather goes to Pieces!

Maisy was walking down the road, her bag swung over her back.Maisy heard something she turned around but did not see anything, looked left looked right, but did not see anything.In the corner of her eye she saw something, she ran as fast as she could towards granny betsie’s house. Something grabbed her foot, she tripped over she tried to get up but she couldn’t seem to lift her feet. She turned around, big droopy eyes, slimy wet nose, a crucked toothy smile, massive feet, a long body were in front o f her.

She had never seen something so scary, it let her go but as she got up something dragged her away into a hole in the ground, a door slammed behind her, as her head and shoulders were being sliced by the rocks underneath her, she had sweat dripping from her forehead, blood boiling in her veins, tears dropping into a pool of water, maisy started to scream but no one could hear her, the thing came up to her with a massive chainsaw a few minutes later the crying stopped, her forehead was not sweaty anymore, the chainsaw dripping with blood, the head of a girl once called maisy was boiling in a pot with her blood surrounding her, the monster was jumping with delight as he sturred her round and round.Her family were looking for her for a few days they were trying to find her, weeks later they were back together waiting to be put in a pot and the monster to tear them to shreads while he was gathering up other people to murder, they were all tied up and all sawn in half or were hung then sliced into tiny pieces.

Grace's Weird Wheelers!

I walked in this trashed dump, with my dog walkers; I thought really hard what could have happened here: this used to be a beautiful place. We had a walk around and on the wall written in red: BEWARE OF THE WHEELERS. ‘Hummm the wheelers what are they?’ I asked the walkers. Suddenly, in the distance I heard a squeaking noise and ear piercing squeak it made me feel physically sick. It sounded as if it was getting closer and closer and closer. We ran as fast as we could but the noise was everywhere as if it was surrounding us: we were trapped. Fear engulfed us: were petrified, we were screaming for help but the place was deserted. I heard a voice coming from behind a rock saying ‘Grace it’s ok come on time to wake up’. ‘What’s wrong’, my mum stepped out from behind the rock. I was screaming at her mum quick run get away from the noise quick be careful come on quick she said to me Grace what are you on about come on wake up its ok your safe, the next thing I knew I woke up in my bed with my mum sitting beside me I had tears and swept dripping down my face but now I knew I was safe.

By Grace Kingsland

Demi-Lee's Boat ride!

‘Bang’ the boat smashed to one side as gigantic teeth ripped it in two. My clothes turned a different colour as the freezing cold liquid spread along the boat. The sickening noise of terror and screaming flooded in my mind. My shoes are filling up as I sunk into the slimy water. The sharks got closer and closer.

Demi-Lee Senogles

Melissa's Shock!

I could hear the same noise again! It got louder every night. My bed covers felt scratchy and wet. Then I grasped them and yanked it over my head. My heart was beating faster than ever, bump, bump, bump. It kept going on. Finally I uncovered my eyes and ears, the footsteps were coming closer! I shouted “go away! I know you are there!”

Creek. The floorboards moved, louder, louder, louder. It came closer. I knew something, kept moving faster towards me. Its horribly smelly feet stunk and filled the air with a stink bomb like creature that spread forever. As I thought of what it could do to me and could sense it could pounce on me. “Arrgh!” I yelped like a dog as it grabbed me. Something tickled my feet. Maybe a dog, a beast! I felt it yank at my covers. They immediately fell to the floor. I looked up, “Dad! It was you!” I yelled.

Melissa Thornley

Ellie's Chase

Anna ran out the house, too terrified to look back. What was in there? Was it human? Where did it come from? Why was it here? She kept asking herself. Anna stopped running and started to walk. She looked back at the house, it was dull and empty. Something moved in the bushes next to her. Anna started to walk faster, the n her walk broke in to a run. The thing was following. “Who’s there?” she shouted. No answer. “Who’s there?” she shouted again. No answer. Her legs started to get tired, then, suddenly.... Anna tripped and fell flat on her face. She could see its shadow behind her. It had caught up to her. Anna turned around and prayed for her life.

Ellie Mcgeough

Eleanor's Grisly Discovery

The door slammed and the lock scrapped down clicking as it shut .Relief passed over me like a wave and I knew we were safe. Granddad put his hand over me as a drop of water fell and trickled down my grubby white shirt as I looked up at the leak in the damp dark shed .My head spun around with a reassured grin ,but it was immediately wiped away .My hear skipped a beat . Instead of Granddad there was just a cold, dead, limp hand . I looked down at my shirt and it hit me that wasn't water on my shirt it was blood !Then I heard the scratching as hands clawed at the windows .The smell of rot filled my nose as fear consumed me and then there was the crazed red eyes staring down at me ,ravenous and dead.

By Eleanor May Tooher

Lydia's Life-changing Sound...

I was fast asleep when I heard a piercing scream which woke me up. I thought I was dreaming and tried to get back to sleep , then at the corner of my eye I saw a figure but I really can’t explain what I saw. When I closed my I eyes I knew something was watching me while I tried to sleep. I was too scared to speak too worried to move a muscle. Then I heard the door creak, the door only creaks when you open it, I am sure I did hear it creak, maybe Jamie my brother was trying to scare me because if he is it’s working. He always tries to prank me and scare me. I started thinking about all the pranks and tricks he had done, I felt a bit better, less scared then I heard a sound that I had never heard before and it was going to change by life forever.

Lydia Overington

Jess's Thing in the Alley!

Jess was in a darkened out alleyway: pitch black. The only thing she could see was her shiny white eyes glimsing in the coal dark area. Her trembling body shivered with fright as midnight struck. She could hear something behind her. This was the scariest moment of her life. Jess closed her eyes as a huge variety of fierce soldiers stampeded through her mind. The sound was now getting closer. A cold breath slowly breezed onto Jess’s thin boney kneck. What was this? Jess turned around, she looked up. A terrifying glare grew on her face.

Charlotte Knowles.

Elsa's tense test!

I was in the exam shivering and shaking with fear. The teacher distributed the fearful test papers, slamming them one by one onto the desks. Sweat trickled downh my face. I had worked my socks off for it but I had a tingling feeling inside my body. Something was crawling up my back as I began the test... The clock was moving slower and slower as the test went through. The paper was staring at me on the table, I had nearly finished but I had the final hurdle to climb over, the trickle test. What happened? Time had flown by! I gulped the air with a sigh on relief, nothing could have been better!

Elsa Sheeran.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Rachel's first chapter!

New York. New York is a phenomenal city with tall buildings were the roofs cannot be seen with the naked eye. It has many historical landmarks such as the statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. But who will appreciate these landmarks when the human race is destroyed? DESTROYED FOR ALL ETERNITY!

“Ok note to self” said Kaylee as she put the book down in terror. “No more scary stories before bed.

“What’s up Kaylee? Are you alright?” Asked Rosie.

“ Yes, yes I’m fine I was just reading a book that’s all and it might have been a bit to scary for me.”

“Kaylee I know what will cheer you up”

“Our birthday. I mean it is in five days.”

“Yeah I know. Lets try and get some sleep.”

The next morning at the crack of dawn Kaylee Leapt out of her bed and down the stairs. She was waiting for the mailman to come. She was very desperate to get birthdays cards in the post. Suddenly her heart started racing and she couldn’t stay still she was leaping, bouncing, prancing and “Oh” she sighed

“it is just Old Lady Cooper I can see through the bushes.”

As Kaylee slumped back upstairs the mail truck arrived with forty-six birthday cards for Kaylee and Rosie.

Rachel Birch

(Formby High School)

Gaya's time to choose!

"It's time to choose". He had told me, and with that he was gone. But time to choose what?
All my life I would ask,"what will become of my future?”
And my father would answer “time will choose”.
When I was younger I thought that sounded rather strange, I mean time can't think ,it doesn't breath, doesn't live or make decisions...

That was when I was younger. I sighed, it had been a long day, just one nap wouldn't do any harm; slowly darkness filled my vision. wait.
I looked up. Seeing nothing, I ignored it. But then I felt it. And as dreams go, I knew exactly what it was. It was fear. Suddenly I felt cold, I could've easily thought I was dead, but I could smell a horrible decaying smell. I looked around. Silence. Nothing moved ,if I hadn't known better I would have said time had stopped...
Then I saw it- a shadow. I looked closer, a shadow with eyes, eyes that would give you nightmares for the rest of your life.
Wait, that's it! Nightmare.
I smiled the best I could, then pinched my self hard . I woke up with a start, phew only a dream! But then I realized I could still smell that horrible, smell.
I looked up and the last thing I ever saw was a hand pulling me into the darkness....
When I was younger I used to ask,"What will become of my future?” And my father would answer,"time will choose."

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Abi's second story!

" Don't worry, we'll only be gone for a while." Anna Marie kissed her son, Matt, on the forehead and walked out the door. Matt turned to look at the empty, cold house.

"Yes! House all to myself!" Matt, ever the optimist, found being alone at home a great time to catch up with Mr.Fridge and Mrs. T.v. Slowly Matt reclined on the leather sofa his blonde hair framing his arrogant face as he switched on his favorite program. Suddenly there was a long rap at the door. Matt sighed and got up to answer it.

A tall somber loking mailman stood at the door with a clipboard.

"Sign," He thrust the clipboard towards Matt, eager to get home on a friday. Matt signed his mothers neat signiture to perfection and grabbed at the sheeted object being deliverd.

"Thanks," The mailman glanced at the old victorian building, shudderd and left.

Matt placed the object in the hallway and took his place back on the seat.

After the third episode of `wrestle mania` Matt got up to get a refill of coke. He started down the desolate halls when he swore he heard a boy whispering.

" We'll only be gone for a while, just a little while." Matt distinclivly heard his mothers words in his mind but quickly shook the fear off.

Matt walked back from the kitchen whistleing when he heard a boy again.

" I'm cold Matt, all alone, so cold." Matt looked toward the mytery package pondering what it could be.


"Let me out Matt, let me out." Matt let the fear creep in as he let down his guard. He put his eerily cold glass down and took a step toward the sheeted object. Delicatly he darted and hand out and removed the sheet.

A mirror.

Thats it. A mirror. Matt waved at his reflection and his reflection waved back. He pulled a face as did his reflection. Matt grinned. And so did the shape holding a knife behind him. Matt whipped around breathing hard. But no-one was there. He turned back to the mirror and there it was, the cold steel of the knife glinting in light. Matt had no time to scream he ran upstairs to his btahroom and locked the door.

His bathroom was coverd in mirrors.

Desperatly Matt tried to unlock the door but the bolt was rusty, the figure behind him advanced carring the threatening Kinfe.

"Matt, we're home!" Anna Marie called up to her son who appeared on the stairs.

"Hey Mum, was the play good?" Anna Marie quickly started explaining the plot of the play.

Matt walked down the stairs slowly, hiding the blood stained knife in his hand.

Abi Shaw

Georgina...A horrible memory has came back...

I decided to go on a walk with the dog to the park. It is a Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining bright and everyone is energetic and lively. I let Elvis, the dog, off his lead to go and play. He came back with an old bone in his mouth. It was covered in dried blood. I started to get scared and started to worry. At first I thought Elvis had killed something or someone. I saw his eyes glaring up at me as if he was trying to tell me that I needed to go and see what happened. I immediately put Elvis back on his lead and he dragged me over to the bush where he had got the bone from.
I searched through the bush. The more scared I got, the faster I crawled. My heart was pounding. Suddenly, I stopped. I saw the scariest thing in my life.

I recognised her. Me. She looked exactly like me. She is my twin. Or should I say was.

The skeleton of my twin sister. The one I killed. Lying in a bush, in the park. The park, I thought I buried her in. I thought this horrible memory would never come back.

Georgina Sailes

Phoebe's Key

As I walked home the trees whistled, leaves blew into my face. I stopped. I stood outside an old abandoned house. I found myself walking onto the path. I tried to stop myself but my hand still turned the door handle. As I stepped inside the heard the floorboards creak and the door slammed shut. There was dust everywhere and it smelt of old cigarettes, I grabbed my coat and wrapped it tighter and tighter around me. I walked up the bare, rotting staircase.theI entered the master bedroom. I avoided the missing planks as I walked to the middle of the room. I turned to go back but the door rapidly closed and locked. I went for the window, I yelled until my throat was dry and my voice was nearly gone. Nobody heard me. A draw opened and closed. There was a small black and white jack in the box. It popped and out flew a key; it was small and rusty but engraved with magnificent green and red jewels. It landed perfectly on the newly made bed.
Where would it lead?

Phoebe Sinnot

Rebecca in a creepy house!

The door slammed as I entered the old house then as I turned to look at one of the paintings pulled a ghastly smile at me. Then I ran. Ran through the rooms. Whilst the lights dimmed blue candles lit themselves. Each room got smaller grew smaller I panted. Then I saw my older sister Alicia was standing in the room even though she had died 3 months a go. Then she stepped forward a everything went black as a hand smacked into my face.

Rebecca Edwards

Inge-Maj's tense paragraph!

They were coming. Running, running. I looked at the large, dark grandfather clock.5 minutes. I waited. There was a crack of thunder. The wind screamed as it whipped around that vile, dark, musty cottage. The shutters were banging against the windows. The floor boards moaned as something scuttled past my bare, torn feet. They were coming down the path, running all the way. Then it was time. My stomach lurched as I heard a knock on the door. It crashed open.

Inge-Maj Saccheri,

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Daisy's questions...

As I walked home from Jane's house,the same questions was poping in my head.What scrached at the window?Why did it have sharp claws?Why has it been at my window the past few nights?Rustle scrach,rustle scrach went the berry bushes beside me.I looked the bushes reluctently.I screamed at the fact there was a glowing red eye staring back at me.I made a run for it into the cobbled forest.I pushed past a crowd of branches which scrached my face.When i got my vision back, i was on the ground, with ruby red blood dripping from the scratches. I glanced behind me to see if something was there....... and there was. A large shadowy silhouette lurking by the cave entrance.

Written by Daisy Jean Metcalfe, 12.

Katie's creature of the night

Cassie ran as fast as she could tripping over roots and rocks, she stoped to catch her breath. It was midnight, she could feel the the hot breath of the creature on her skin, she could smell the stench of rotten meat. Then she heard it again. A scream. Then she stumbled into a opening. Ther was nothing, no sound. Cassie slowly turned around only to see nothing just the black of the forest. Then something cought her eye, she whirled round and saw to red eyes staring at her. The kind of stare that made your skin crawl, mine did.

It slowly steped into the moonlight. It was smiling, its teeth were rasors. It took a step towards me reaching out its hand pulling me into a death grip. This was the night i died. A death no one should face.

By Katie Donovan

Lucy's horror!!

Poppy and I were on the computer talking to my friends. Suddenly the lights switched off,my i-pod froze the dogs began to howl and growl. The door handel began to move. Scratching,banging,slamming of the door. For a second it was deadly silent. Poppy and I rushed up the stairs into my brothers room only to see something moving outside. We yelled we screamed we panicked around the room. A fast red car pulled up outside of my house. It looked at me. It had evil red eyes and vampire like fangs. It ran away the moment i looked away from it.

'Hello Poppy and Daisy' mum said

'Mummm quickk. There there is is someonee outside QUICK' we cried.Mum just looked at us as if we were crazy. 'Don't be silly girls. Was it someone with red eyes?'


'That was only Barry the postman'

At that moment the red eyed beast was behind mum, his hands around her neck.

By Lucy Norman

Rosa's Tense Piece!

All the hairs on her neck stood on end as she heard a knock , knock , knock on the door. Her mother and father were not supposed to be back until 12pm so who on earth would be knocking so late ? The old wooden door creaked open . Outside it was pitch black. A fork of lightening flashed . She saw a shadow of something moving . A bead of sweat dripped from her forehead . She trembled up to her bed and pulled the covers over . The wind howled . The thunder bellowed .The ferocious storm didn't scare her but the sense of something watching her did !

Rosa Kusabbi

Niki Niki will never sleep again!

We ran and ran and ran, as far away as possible.

I looked. Kate looked...
he was just out of sight but he was pacing towards us and I could
almost see the top of his hat.

Kate didn't know what to do and then I saw a ditch nearby I jumped in dragging Kate behind me.

Then there was silence... it felt like hours before anything happened.

It was pitch black and I could feel the deep breathing of Kate on my neck. My heart pounded. We looked up and could just see daylight.

Then an arm hovered over the hole almost like a deadly claw. The hand seemed to be lowering towards us.The arm dissapeared and my eyes reluctantly glanced up and a face peeped through the ditch hole glaring at us with its beaded eyes.

He almost looked like a ghost in the frozen dead air. Its face was pitch black and the only thing that was noticeable was the blood that trickled from his mouth...

He grinned with amusment

I tried to scream but I couldn't. I looked at Kate. She looked back.

That was the last time I saw her.

Back in those days the bodies were not preserved. She was buried and that was that!

That night I tossed and turned and late in my dreading sleep, I woke in horror dreaming that something was banging and bashing away from inside the coffin.

I woke up and immediatly and phoned the doctor begging to take Kate out of the coffin. I needed to say my last goodbyes and say that I had a feeling that she was still alive.

Finally, the doctor gave in, and the local authorities had the coffin removed from the ground and opened. To my horror and amazement Kate had bruises all over her hands and arms and dry blood stuck to her. There were obvious dents in the coffin....

Laurie is Rescued...Or Is She???

I tried to get out. The ropes were to tight. I couldn't move. I could feel it burning my hands and face. Any minute now I would choke to death. Burn to a crisp. Then I heard shouting. Something was coming to rescue me. Or so I thought....

Laurie Woods u3s

Hannah's Horror!

I dropped it, that single thing that ruined my life forever. The seconds in which I dropped it turned into minutes, the minutes seemed to turn to hours. I could hear my mother screaming far away, and then I snapped back into reality. The house was ablaze. CRACKLE! Went the sofa as the flames leapt onto it. I realized I was in the middle of the fire. I tried to run but the fire was circled around me as if trying to back me into a corner. There was no way out. I could still hear mum screaming hysterically, and then, everything went black.

I remember nothing else. But mum never came back from the hospital. I was now an orphan. I tried to live my life as usual but it just wasn’t possible. The newspapers had our story all over them; it was the talk of the town. And no one was there to sympathize or comfort me. The little girl who killed her mother. Me.

Hannah Greenhough

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Josie... A Heroine's Name if Ever I Saw One!

The floorboards creaked beneath my feet as i ran up the stairs. I stopped for a second, to catch my breath. I heard him. I ran faster along the wooden floor. My bare feet stung from the many splinters appearing on the soles of my feet. My wrists ached from the heavy chains that I had wrapped around them for those many weeks. I was just grateful to have them off. He was running up the stairs. FAST! My heart was pounded against my chest. There was nowhere to go. I was cornered.

It felt as if time was running in slow motion. He appeared at the top of the stairs. Looking at me. I thought my head was about to explode. Sweat was dripping down my back, like I'd just ra a marathon. He creeped slowly to me, his breath, harsh and deep. I didn't know what do to, I looked at his finger on the trigger. His finger on the trigger... that was pointing at me...

Josie Rabot

Charlotte in Darkwood Mansion

"Why did it fly over here why?" I thought as I trudged up the gloomy driveway. "Why did we have to move opposite Darkwood mansion? This 'acident' wasn't even my fault. It was Liz who kicked it and it flew over the back garden fence and then we heared the terrible CRACK, CLASH, CRASH of the window and mum had sent ME to appologise". As I continued to mentally argue with myself I could hear my heart thudding in my ears. It was the sort of feeling like in a horror movie when you know the monster will jump out , but you just don't know exactly when. I stepped up onto the door step and my sweaty hand reached for the door knocker shaped as a beast. I slowly knocked. The sound echoed like a shout in an empty cave. Oh no. I've done it now. What could I say , but before I had time to think the big wooden door creaked open. I stepped in. I met darkness. And then I saw him or should I!


"Stop!" She tried to cry but the words jammed in her throat. Sam advanced toward something sat cowering in the corner, a low sob escaping from its throat.

The darkness was closing in around Marie and she felt as if she couldn't breathe. Something was wrong. How often do you find porcelain white girls with inky black hair cascading over their face crying in your garden? She had to be at least 14.

"Are you lost?" Sam tried asking and the sobbing stopped. A low scratching filled the air along with an eerie breathing sound. Slowly the girl looked up, her beautiful face twisted into a cruel smile.

Sam started to retreat, stuttering apologies. He turned and looked a Marie his face twisted into an O. The girl brushed her hair back from her face and a steady line of blood trickled form her forehead.

"Ooops." The girls raspy voice was finally heard as she delicately placed a bloody finger into her mouth. Sam was still standing still looking at the girl.

She grinned " Like strawberries."

The turned to completely face the two children and slowly began to move, loping with what seemed like perfectly useful legs. She dragged her self along the ground staining her perfect dress which was ever so slowly turning a violent shade of red. Reaching out a hand; sharp talon like nails gripped the ground just centimetres from Sam's feet.

Suddenly her dress torn open exposing her stomach, a huge knife wound dominated her abdomen black in the night sky. All the while the girl smiled and dragged her self closer humming something low under her breath. She reached out to Sam with pleading eyes and Sam, under something other than sanity clasped her hand. She fell on top of him tearing at his shirt dragging her dirty nails along his flesh leaving deep lacerations in his skin he screamed as the girls head came down and began to rip apart his body with her teeth. She stopped when she tore apart into his stomach and watched as the young boy tried to gather up his intestines unaware he was dying.

Marie turned and ran into the dark night, unaware how face this monster was she took off into the angry black.

The girl, crouched over the dead boy, turned to look at the young girls shadow receding into the night. She grinned, licking her lipstick stained lips.

" Like strawberries."

Slowly she took off in pursuit of the girl.

Helena Hears Things...

My name is Anne. What happened to me is something that should never happen to any living thing. At the age of eleven, I was trying to get to sleep as my mother and father were out, and they trusted me to stay in the house alone. I should warn you, never, ever to do this as you suffer. Consequences. I twisted and turned as I could hear footsteps outside my room. I guessed this was just my brain. Everyone hears things sometimes don’t they? That’s what I thought. Minutes passed as if they were hours. Eventually I mustered the strength to look outside my room. As I tiptoed towards my room door, I wondered what to do. Jump out with no fear, cover the dark thoughts filling my head, or peep a quick look, not wanting to know what was really there.

I decided to face my fears, jump out like I was confident that I was stronger than whatever this...thing was. I span the door open and bound through to the landing. All I saw was air. Nothing was there. Abruptly, the phone rang, fear filled my heart. My thoughts blackened. I picked it up, still playing with the last shred of confidence left in me. “Hello?” I spoke clearly through the phone. All I heard was breathing. Suddenly, I felt a harsh tap, more like a prod, on my shoulder. I turned round. A pale white, chalky face, red paint cracked and plastered over it’s lips. Blue crosses painted over it’s, what seemed to be, narrowed eyes. I turned away, I didn’t want to see it anymore. It was beyond belief, beyond any stretch of the imagination, or should say nightmare. I turned back, the real-life horror story still haunting me. I tried to scream but it seemed I could hardly produce a whimper. It edged closer. I gulped. It’s face twisted towards me. I shuddered. A distorted, misshapen hand twisted towards me, I backed away from it. Nothing like that would touch me. Then something pushed me back. These things surrounded me.

By Helena Casella, U3S

Frankie's Gory Story...


The isolating silence tore in half as a footstep creaked behind the huge oak door. Shadows crept in the corner of my bloodstained eyes and from then on I Knew I couldn’t have been alone. My heart raced and my freezing feet squelched in a pool of pure blood. Cobwebs clung to the battered walls and sweat trickled slowly down my cheeks. Something scraped behind me and I turned rapidly to reassure my conscience but only a ghostly, bare room awaited me. The wind moaned and harshly bashed against the dusty window. The door squeaked open and an ice cold breeze brushed past my trembling body. The dim light bulb flickered and suddenly…

Frankie Wightman

Shelley's Slamming Door!

The door slammed open. I trembled in the corner watching the doorway. Something scratched on the floor and I didn't move.

I saw a shadow, then a claw. It's eye was gleaming in the dark looking straight at me. It crept towards me and snarled at me with slobber seeping out of it's mouth. I cautiously picked up a pen knife, reluctant to move from the spot.

I turned away telling myself it was all a dream, then I turned back to face the beast. In a flash it had gone. What would happen next?

Shelly Froggatt U3G

Adara, The End of Tiffany and George?

Tiffany and George were hurled up in the corner of the room. Silent. They didn't want the thing that was walking round the room to notice them. Tiffany was dieing to burst out with tears and for the piece de resisstance a loud frightful scream. George had his eyes closed. Tight. Tiffany looked at George and took hold of his hand. As Tiffany and George were under a sheet, they couldn't see what the thing was....all they could hear was stomping and very heavy breathing. Every time they listened hard the breathing was getting heavier and louder. Both of them were shaking like mad because they were that scared!. They both looked at eachother and gave one another one last loveingly smile

Was this the end of tiffany and George?

By Adara Garner U3G

Anna's Werewolf!

BANG! Something was in the attic I could here it moving. Dad said there is nothing there. But I new there was. That night when everyone was asleep I took one of dads ladders and went up to investigate. The attic was dark. I shone my touch. I could hear something grunting growling behind me. Slowly, I turned my head there was a tall, blood sucking werewolf standing right in front of me. It lifted its paw it had razor sharp claws. I closed my eyes hoping it was all a dream but it wasn't. Then I saw what it was holding...

Anna Povall

Antara's Horror!

It must have been 10 metres high at least. Hideous yet absolutly beautiful. It was silently calling to me.They were silently calling to me. Two of them. Two beautiful giants. But which one? Which one? Which one was right? I had to choose. I stepped forward. A voice inside my head was calling out to me. It had to be that one.But no. No it wasn't. I shook my head. They were playing with my mind. I stamped my foot in frustration and took a deep breath. They were getting nearer. Their foot steps clearer. I felt every nerve in my body tingling, screaming at me to hurry up. I turned again to the two giants. The two doors. They glittered malevolently.Jeering at me. Urging me to choose. Behind me the footsteps were getting closer. And closer. And closer. As soon as they they turned the corner they would find me. I had to choose. I heard their voices clod and dry. I had to choose. So horrible they could make a grown man cry and a lion pine. I chose. I put my hand on the wood and pushed. Pushed with all my might. It felt cold on my fingertips. It wasn't wood. It wasn't metal, it was just-. They turned the corner. I gave one last heave. Then black
Antara Bate

Isabelle' Tale!


Everyone in the class stopped suddenly. They were staring intently into it. Can anyone guess what 'it' is? A crystal ball, the television? No. They were staring in to the dark ,dark forest. The leaves rustled. Was it only my imagination, or were they whispering, BEWARE?

The teacher shook and shivered. Her glasses wobbled on the end of her long nose. Her teeth chattered and shattered like a thousand eggshells. What was in the forest? Nobody knew. But it was vital that SOMEONE went in, to heroically save the headmaster. Unfortunately, no one in our class was heroic.

Every eye, thick with mascara, in the class swivveled around... and rested on me. 'Oh Isabelle, would YOU go into the forest to rescue Mr Andrews?' pleaded the teacher. 'Please! Please!' echoed the class.

I nodded. 'Yes' I said.

The words were out before I could stop them. I wiped my slippy, slimy, sweaty hands on my coat, and ventured down into the gothic heart of the forest. I kept fiercely telling myself that there was nothing to be afraid of. I heard hoots and calls. 'Its only an owl, Its only an owl', I said to myself. Something scuttled across my foot. I tried to scream, but found I couldent. What was it? Alarm bells were already ringing in my head. 'Go back!' called a little voice inside me. I had never believed in anything supernatural, but now I was beginning to doubt myself. I had to be brave. 'Think of Mr. Andrews' said a voice to me inside. I did- and the want to run away became more strong. I was just about to double back, when I heard Mr. Andrews voice. It was a piercing scream. If I went back now, everyone would hate me.

I took a deep breath and trudged on. The dark green trees shot up above me. I broke into a hasty run. 'Mr Andrews!' I shouted.' Where are you?' Then the sharp branches of a tree reached out and got me by the hair- I was all tangled. I knew Mr Andrews was near, I could smell his awful musty old smell, and feel his breath on my back, making me wince in disgust and the hairs on my neck stand on end. Then there was a terrible CRACK and a CRUNCH , and searing pain rippled through my leg. I had broken it!!!

Then two slitted red eyes glared at me and a shadow loomed out at me. Then it spoke.

Hello Isabelle, Ive been waiting for you...

By Isabelle Morton

Danielle Parker's Tense story!!!


It was just a normal evening, me and mum. Take-out pizza, popcorn, and a slushy romantic movie. Mum dimmed the lights and I pressed play. Then, all of a sudden, the light went off,we both screamed.... A few seconds later, mum got out the torch, and we looked at each-other, freaked out.Then there was a scratch at the window, "stay very, very, still." mum said. Big fat tears were rolling down my face."I'll go look and see what it is." "no mum" I whispered, " not with-out me.

The front door creaked open, we could here it, growling hungrily.I stepped forward, only to see it's hunched back, dagger like teeth, sharp claws, and blood, oozing, and dripping from it's mouth.

I looked at it running towards me and mum, it took one swipe at my head, I screamed, and before i knew it, it was my last moment, alive.