Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The thief and the 9 year old girl!!!

One wet, cold, slippery night a 28 year old stupid idiotic thief went to steal a beautiful pure white horse called snowy. When the vicious thief went to grab the horse he stood in some gooey, slimy, wet, sticky horse business which made a disgusting squelching slurping noise when he pulled his gigantic foot out. Whilst pulling his foot out he wobbled and fell. He dropped his car keys in to the horse business so he had to put his hand into the poo...

The wise little 9 year old girl called Polly who owned the horse came down the stairs because she heard some strange noises that she hasn`t heard before. She saw the thief trying to grab the horse (which was her favourite one). She saw a gun in his back pocket so she tried to sneak up the stairs to tell her dad about the man (she liked to call him Bones) but bones heard the creaking of the stairs.

Bones ran to the door whilst Polly held out a frying pan so the man ran into it and fell over feeling very dizzy the wise little girl knelt down as fast as she could towards the man grabbed his cold shaky neck and squeezed as hard as she could.

Bones`s face went pink, purple and blue his eyes popped out of his eye sockets with blood pouring out with bits of his brain. He was biting sooo hard on his tongue his teeth went through and blood starting flowing out of his mouth.

Written by Hannah Crawford age 10